Sunhillo PCI334A Four Port Synchronous Serial Communications Adapter

Four Port Synchronous Serial Communications Adapter

PCI334A Intelligent Synchronous Communications Adapter provides four high-performance synchronous/serial channels for WAN connectivity. The adapter is ideally suited for use within radar networks, frame relay access devices, high speed modems, or other high-speed communication devices.

It is designed as a fully programmable communications subsystem capable of sustaining high data rates for the variety of protocols that are used in synchronous data communications.The architecture capitalises on the intelligence of Motorola’s MC68360 QUICC® datacomm processor and enables it as a specialised communications controller. It enhances overall system performance by using its on-board intelligence and large SRAM array to handle much of the low-level communications that typically burden the host system. The DSAM also eases the downloading of protocols for stand-alone code execution by relegating most of the serial I/O communications related processing to the PCI334A.