TEK Charon-V6 VME / VXS 8 x 1.2 GSPS x 14-bit DAC

VME / VXS 8 x 1.2 GSPS x 14-bit DAC

The QuiXilica Charon-V6 VME / VXS is a 6U ANSI/VITA 41 (VXS) compliant high-speed waveform generator board combining high density FPGA processing with eight 14-bit D/A output channels at 1.2 GSPS (Gigasamples per second).

By employing three Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs, it combines high resolution wideband signal acquisition and generation with the onboard high density FPGA processing for a range of radar and Electronic Warfare applications such as target generation, jamming, and CM / CCM techniques. The result is a single slot solution that uses the latest ADC and DAC technology, supports advanced signal processing of up to 8+ GB/s of digitised data, and forwards the results through VME, VXS or front panel connection via SFP+ or CXP to the next processing stage.