Themis NanoPAK Small Form Factor Computer

Small Form Factor Computer

The small, light footprint and powerful performance of the NanoPAK small form factor computer make it an ideal solution for rugged commercial and military field applications. The NanoPAK integrates an Intel® Atom® or AMD® Fusion®processor with FLASH storage in a small, light footprint that optimises size, weight, power, and cooling.

NanoPAK systems are complete, stand alone computer systems designed for unmanned vehicles, ground vehicles, man-wearable, shipboard, and other extreme environments, where space, weight, power and cost are critical. Leveraging Themis thermal and kinetic management design expertise, it boasts a hardened-aluminum conduction-cooled chassis that survives harsh environmental conditions. It supports field applications that include real time control, data recorders, small storage and communications systems, and mobile robotics. All standard PC interfaces are available. Additional interfaces include discretes.