SigINT Tuners from BAE, ELINT Tuners from iRF, Wide band VPX Digitisers and XMCs from Curtiss Wright, High channel density and large FPGA cards from Tekmicro, Ether to Ethernet acquisition and recording from DTA
Board Solutions including AMC, XMC, VME, cPCI, VPX 3U & 6U digitisers and advanced development kit from Pentek, high speed ADCs from Delphi.

Unitronix have always worked in the supply of high-end RF signals and image processing equipment. EW, RADAR, SatCOM, and scientific and research are all areas where we actively sell and support equipment. If you need to Tune In, Digitise, Record and Retransmit RF signals give us a call and let us know what you need.