Industry 4.0 Challenges

Rugged Embedded Node - REN™ 

Rugged Embedded Node - REN

NEXT-GEN AI - IoT - Data Analysis at the Edge

Smart Cities, Smart Grids & New Industry 4.0 Challenges require smart solutions.

From the factory floor to the energy grid, airplanes to supply chains, the sensors, controls, gateways, and other connected devices of Internet of Things (IoT) are driving the next industrial revolution. As IoT continues its explosive growth, the need for intelligent devices for more specialised applications is also growing exponentially.

Industrial, energy, aerospace, robotics, public sector, and other customers with demanding IoT workloads want new ways to easily extract value from their data, reduce their time to market and innovate connected technologies quickly and efficiently. Moreover, they increasingly require reliable IoT solutions that bring maximum performance and greater capabilities to an ever-expanding array of challenging locations and operating conditions.

REN's ready for extremes are you?

Our product range REN MINI, REN MAXI & REN 19 give engineers an off-the-shelf foundation from which they can design applications meet these new challenges.

They are designed to house high-performance embedded processor units (EPU) and embedded server units (ESU) in harsh environments. They are offered with blank IO plates so that customers can choose their own connectors to take out specific IO for their application. This makes them very fast to develop with, as the customer can focus on the software from the day of delivery without having to worry about connectors and connections. 
Just remove the lid or IO plate, plug in what you need and get developing your application.

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