REN-rugged embedded node

REN™ - Rugged Embedded Node


Fully sealed industrial-grade computer.

There are not many Industrial Grade sealed systems out there, so for what there are you need to be clear on what you mean by “Sealed Systems” - sealed against dust, water, humidity or EMC/EMI.

Unitronix supplies a number of solutions in this area covering all of the requirements. Your best bet is to give us a call and we can quickly run through options on the phone.

In addition Unitronix design and manufacture our own range of very rugged fully sealed boxes (REN™) to house high-end electronics in harsh environments. 
Sealed against ingress and having been tested underwater for two days at a depth of two metres. This conduction cooled case can dissipate 60 Watts of generated heat with an inside outside temperature difference of approximately 22C or better. 

This is an off the self design that we can scale up or down and are happy to sell as either;
1) A box, 
2) Build kit into for customers, 
3) Develop our own line of rugged computing nodes.

Please contact Unitronix for a more detailed information and ideal applications.

NOTE: These products will be sold by a seperate company called "Unitronix Systems”.