Specialist Systems

A specialist system is where Unitronix work with customers to define, design a system specific to that customer's application.

REN™ series box have room for additional third party cards, although these need to be conduction cooled. Unitronix can work with customers to look at producing specific REN boxes for them.

Rugged Embedded Node - REN

REN 19 Ursus takes either 1, 2 or 3 Grizzly (VL-ESU-5070) Embedded Server Unit with lots of spare space for customers cards as long as the hot parts can be conduction cooled.

Unitronix will supply a certain amount of free engineering opportunity support for these applications, ie, we will look at this with customers to a point base approximately on 10 hours engineering time. If the opportunity requires more time than that, then we will charge each engineering block of time in 10 hour blocks.


1: REN 19 - Lots of room for customers to put in their own kit but remember it's a sealed box so only conduction cooled only.

2: VPX - Unitronix can build and supply VPX Systems.

3: REN MINI & REN MAXI - Again some room for additional parts.