Avionics and Aircraft Systems
Aircraft Electrical Power System Holdup Requirements Part 1
Aircraft Electrical Power System Holdup Requirements Part 2
MIL-STD-1553 over the Ethernet
Graphics Payload Mission Management Processor for ISR Aircraft
Secure Network Router and Gigabit Switch for Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Choosing a Rugged Ethernet Switch/Router Solution
Common ISR Video Mission Processor for Civil & Military Aircraft
Low-SWaP Ethernet Switch for Fighter Jet Advanced Sensor Pod
Low-SWaP Mission Computer for UAS Takeoff/Landing System
Miniature Ethernet Switches Deployed Onboard Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Secure Router/Processor for Airborne Multi-Link Communications Gateway
Is Arm the Future for Airborne Platforms in Military and Aerospace?
Accelerate Time-To-Market With Safety-Certifiable Airborne Electronics Hardware 

CPU’s & DSP’s
Intel XEON Processor based VPX Server Board
Why Dissimilar Redundant Architectures Are a Necessity for DAL A 

Electromagnetic Spectrum - Modern Challenges

Dissecting Rugged Development of COTS FPGA Hardware
Understanding Your Safety-Certifiable COTS Options: A Closer Look at the Subsystem Level 
GPGPU Processing
Multi Card Systems

Total Cost of Ownership
COTS Solutions
Curtiss-Wright: How Unitronix solved a secure networking solution
Switching and Routing Modules

Data Recorders
COTS Recorder with 2TB Removable FIPS 140-2 Validated Storage 


       Radar Applications
       Open Standards for the Provision of Radar Video and Tracks
       Using ASTERIX CAT-240 for Radar Video Distribution
       Passive Bistatic Radar
       Portable Sonobuoy Receive Processing
       Radar Warning Receiver Testing
       Radar Signal Emulator

       RF Digitisation
       Single Board Computers
       VPX Systems

Vehicle Systems
Battery Monitoring for Military Vehicles
Delivering VICTORY & PNT Hub Services for Tactical Ground Vehicle Architecture
Enabling VICTORY Data Bus Network for an Armored Ground Vehicle
Fully Integrated Ground Vehicle Computing and Video Solution
Ground Vehicle Modernisation with VICTORY and GVA
Rugged Application Deployment on Wheeled Ground Vehicle
Rugged Switch Ensures Reliability for UGV On-board Network
Scalable, High-Fidelity 360-Degrees, Situational Awareness Support System
The Many Faces of Trusted Computing

        Combining multiple video sources onto a single screen